The Texture Bar



Paul Mitchell Waves     

This is not your grandma’s perm.   If you’re old enough to have flashbacks of beauty parlor days where the intense odor of ammonia hung in the air, you’ll absolutely love the innovation of Paul Mitchell’s new modern version of the permanent wave.    These perms are thio-free AND ammonia-free, and they contain natural AHA propolis to ensure skin comfort during your service.    You get beautiful results with no odor and no itchy scalp.  Cascading spirals, loose beachy waves, or volume-building curls?   Your wish is our command.        
Paul Mitchell Clarifying Waves     
If your second home is the swimming pool or if you live in an area  where hard water is the norm,  your hair will need a little TLC before we apply a texture formula.    We will begin with a Paul Mitchell clarifying shampoo as a super cleansing prelude to your permanent wave.   A clarifying shampoo contains special ingredients that remove chlorine, chemical  build-up, mineral deposits, and residue from styling products,  giving your hair a fresh start and allowing your permanent wave to more effectively transform your hair.    
Paul Mitchell Texture Relaxer       
The great thing about fashion and hair is that you can change your mind!  If you’ve gone curly, and you’re ready to go back to a smooth, straight style, a Paul Mitchell Texture Relaxer will remove the waves and leave your hair soft,  gently conditioned and curl-free.


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